Josh is a multifaceted photographer, videographer and extended realities (XR) creator. Based in the historic village of Wotton-under-Edge, he has a passion for cultural heritage and the natural world. His vast skillset means he is equipped for every job, from capturing captivating landscapes to filming the assembly of a cutting-edge vehicle.
Josh approaches the creation of visual content with a conscientious and caring manner, an attribute that is evident throughout his body of work and which never fails to engage the viewer. He applies this unique candid yet refined aesthetic to any project, from a 360-degree tour of your business, to volumetric capture of wild animals for VR.
Adept at the use of a variety of editing softwares and equipment as well as multiple media platforms, Josh knows how to get the best out of every shoot and make content work for his clients. His enthusiasm and talent for finding innovative solutions knows no bounds; he is always learning new skills and finding ways to tell compelling and thought-provoking stories which connect with their audiences.
As a recent graduate of BA Marine and Natural History Photography at Falmouth University and MA Virtual Reality at The University of the West of England, he was awarded first class honours in 2018 and a distinction in 2020, respectively.
Examples of his work include the augmented reality experience Sanctuary co-created with immersive experience and BBC Radio 4 producer Ellie Richold and virtual reality experience Story of the Seal Skeletons, for the Seal Research Trust, voiced by Springwatch presenter Gillian Burke. In addition, he has recently been creating a variety of content for local arts institution Under the Edge Arts, as well as producing a historical documentary, and working for a start-up engineering firm.
Whether you need professional photos of a new product for your business, a virtual tour of a property, or a mesmerising virtual reality experience for a school project, Josh can provide all of these services and anything in between, all with a smile on his face.
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