A bit about the project:
‘The 2084 Protocol’ is a 5-player social deception game called. In the playful experience, players act as housemates who are trying to solve the mystery of the missing precious vase from their living room. Led by their personal assistant AI called Martin, they interact with objects in the room to find clues which uncover the secrets of your housemates. Players discuss clues, accuse and question each other as the rounds progress with some surprising twists and turns along the way.

My involvement in the project:
As part of my postgraduate degree, I worked with a group of colleagues and BBC Research and Development to create a social deduction parlour game based upon the BBC’s concept of the ‘Living Room of the Future’. We worked effectively as a group to develop the concept and I worked to translate the concept into an app. We have since shown the experience at several events, receiving good reviews and we aim to apply for funding to continue the project.
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